Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Inu to Hasami: Pleasant Comedy

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Last seen:
Episode 6
  To be perfectly honest, it took me 3 episodes to fully comprehend that Inu to Hasami was a comedy-centric anime. That's more of a problem with me being thick, than a flaw in the shows design. I'm pretty sure the term 'Slap-stick Comedy' applies here. While there are shows that are pure comedy, and shows that are purely intense drama, Inu to Hasami falls in a lovely niche right in the middle, just a few notches towards the comedy side. I've been going to it frequently to rub my mood the right way after dealing with idiots elsewhere.

  Some of you may have noticed (or maybe my hermit is playing up again, and it's common knowledge now), that lots of seriously framed and paced stories in shows are receiving varying doses of comedy in them. Some part of this, is the idea that you can't be all-serious all the time, or it starts to cave in on itself and become absurd.
  The other half of it though, is that people are people, are people, and we've always found various ways to cope with extreme situations. It's beyond an accepted and proven fact, that psychological stress can have negative effects on you physically. So the trend of spicing serious and drama with comedy is actually a bid to increase realism, to make characters seem more human, and less one-dimensional. On the other side of the coin, Inu to Hasami spices comedy with gratingly down-to-earth serious moments and dialogue. Typically this causes an almost audible *clunk* of tone shift in the viewers immersion, but Inu to Hasami has never really thrown me when they shift tones. As a matter of fact, I've often felt they shifted tones right when one side or the other was about to become too exaggerated.

  Which brings me to my next point: I don't seem to enjoy the humor of exaggeration like I used to anymore. Perhaps I've just seen too much of it at this point, and it all sounds like something I've heard before, but when Inu to Hasami uses over-the-top, or exaggeration comedy, it just doesn't get me laughing like I feel it should. When they're doing the slap-stick skits, I'm either chuckling it up, or straight up laughing. They also haven't done a single verbal exchange where Harumi was cutting in playing straight-man where I wasn't chuckling fit to burst the entire time.
  From the last episode I just completed, they finished the most recent plot arc, and toward the end of it is when I was really feeling the exaggeration going over my head. Just gonna stop to say one thing here: 'Tuna-Eater'. Honestly, I'm chuckling now as I typed that, but when it was on-screen, I just had this kind of moment: , where I could see my past self in my head, jabbing an upturned hand towards the screen going 'What the hell is this?!', laughing the entire time, and yet I don't feel like they were doing the jokes poorly. T'was a weird feeling.
  On a completely different note, there are some really tasteful details in the show, that I just personally love. I love the little detail they have where they'll exit out of a scene and play Harumi howling, and I love the howl they chose for it, it fits so well. Other than that, I love the detail on the rendering of the dog sometimes. The gambit with details, is that you could invest alot in them, and have no one even notice. But the payoff, is when someone like me notices and really appreciates it, sometimes it just adds that little lovely bit to the scene, that the dogs animation seems so fluid. Maybe that's just me.
  I think writing for here is starting to affect the way I watch anime...I've never paid attention to details of animation before now... oh well, it can't hurt to notice more details, I'm fairly sure.

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