Monday, October 7, 2013

[New][October 2013] Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta

Summary: In a town where humans and demons co-exist, it takes more than a normal police force to maintain the peace. Enter the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office, a fantastic foursome of unique teenagers, each gifted with an amazing super power.

First Impression: I'm lost, but this is an action oriented Drama. Maybe some Slice of Life too.

First Opinion: So...I'm honestly going to be judging this by the previous one...because I'd be lying to myself if I tried to do anything else. On that note: This is obviously in a different animation studios hands, although I lack the resources or interest to find out the specifics. Even for someone like me, who usually doesn't pay attention to graphics of any kind, having a previous point of reference to compare it to shows that this new... season? Instance? Retelling? Remake? Whatever the heck this is, it's art and animation are a lot more...hyper. It's much more action oriented to be sure, very flashy and bombastic. The characters are also... I'm going to phrase it as 'less mellow'. They come off as 100% more outgoing than the previous rendering. Ao especially, is just way less...broody than I remember her being. Maybe I'm just remembering wrong.

I'm going to go out on a limb, and try to take this instance of Yozakura Quartet on its own, try to forget the previous one. Sure, we're in the same place, same setting, same original cast, and probably even the same emotional and drama plots, but everything feels way different right out of the gate, so bringing in some predispositions from former relations feels like adding deadweight onto the show it doesn't deserve just yet. I'm going to at least try. No promises.

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