Monday, July 23, 2012

[New Summer 2012] Ebiten

Japanese title: えびてん 公立海老栖川高校天悶部
Download: available through
Genres: Comedy
I've watched: 1 episode

Summary: Someone is looking to join the astronomy club, but instead, she ended up in an otaku club whose name sounds very much like astronomy club...  
First impression score: 81 - Parities of Saint Seiya

Personal comments: If you've never seen or read about Saint Seiya, then you'd probably miss 90% of the joke in this opening episode. Pretty much the entire episode is jokes that relates to Saint Seiya. In my opinion, it's rather hilarious. But again, I pretty much grew up on Saint Seiya manga, and I can more or less relate everything they're poking fun of in this anime. So the bottom line is, if you've seen or read Saint Seiya, this would be a great piece to get some laughs out of. If you haven't seen or read Saint Seiya, well, I'd say go ahead skip it, 'cause you'd miss just about all the jokes.

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