Saturday, March 17, 2012

Inu x Boku SS: Different than Expected

Currently finished: Episode 8

Since I was busy with other matters in life, I was a bit behind on a couple of series, and this, is among those that I really haven't watched anything past episode 2....

My friend danchou (who has made couple of guest posting here a while back) told me among the new releases of this season, this one really isn't any good. Having only seen one episode at the time that had given me a rather good initial impression, I said, it had a rather interesting setting and introduction, I don't see how bad could it be. Well, now I have to eat my own words

For the most part, I think it has more to do with not meeting the expectation the first episode had put me up to: it painted a picture that it's going to be something similar to Kuroshitsuji or Natsume Yuujichou. But instead, as the series progresses, it became something more like a weird version of Love Hina blended with Fruits Basket. On an absolute scale, I don't think it's bad, rather, it's the fact that it took on a direction that is completely different than it initially made out to be left a rather unsatisfactory feel.

At this point, while I don't think it's bad enough to drop it right here right now, I have to say it has become largely a "background noise" anime where its purpose has largely become to occupy my idle brain cycle while working on some other stuff.

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