Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another: One, Only One More To Go!!!

Currently finished: Episode 11

For those who's already tired of my endless praise for Another, I do apologize. But at least you only have to put up with me for only one more time.

If the series up to episode 10 is a steel cable being stretched tighter and tighter each episode, then this episode 11 is the rupture that is sending pieces of steel cable filament flying everywhere. But this, is only the precursor of what to come in the grand finale--even though the filament started to fly, the core is still hanging on. It is the last episode where we would see the end of all. This is indeed the big excitement we've all been waiting for.

I do, however, as a fair critic, like to point out a minor problem I noticed: in an attempt to push the plot one episode further, they decided to conceal the most important piece of clue when they had plenty of chances to reveal it. Even with all the disruption, I don't see why couldn't they just spill the name when they have all the time to stare and awe for seconds even minutes. I can see how traumatizing those sudden events could be, but as calm as they are, especially when they have the will to go finish what's needed to be done, I don't see why wouldn't they just spill what they know so more supports could be gained in the process so the job could be done easier.

Put that aside, this has been indeed an amazing ride thus far. At this point, I don't think there's anything they can possibly mess up in the last episode that could derail the greatness of the show. For now, I'll just keep my finger crossed and hope there isn't any Nice Boat event to disrupt one of my most anticipated series finale, ever.

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