Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another: Suspenseful

Currently finished: Episode 9

Soon enough, I think people going to start calling my blog "praising everything about Another" blog.

Well, I guess that isn't really an understatement--Another is the most blogged anime from this season (not that there are much posts for this season, I'm working on it...). But it is so for a good reason: for one, I am a HUGE fan of well made horror series (psychological horrors, not gory horror, I hate those so called horror where more blood means more horrifying), and so far this is about the best horror series I've seen in two years.

Two, everything I've seen so far is just so well crafted: while being suspenseful is one of the biggest selling point for psychological horror series, there's also a need for keeping a good balance--if it puts too much tension on the string it's pulling, people might start to feel they're just being teased unreasonably. Another manages to slowly but surely feed clues to audience, yet it still manages to keep the critical piece of puzzle hidden. That is indeed very crafty story writing.

So the bottom line is, regardless how it turns out in the end, this series in my opinion is already worth a while just to experience everything it creates up to this point. If you haven't picked it up, you should, unless you're just not into suspenseful horror at all. And if possible, you too should watch it in a proper environment: late at night, alone, with all lights off, surround yourself with complete darkness, and have the volume up to maximum acceptable level. It's an amazing experience.

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