Saturday, October 15, 2011

[New October 2011] Guilty Crown

Genres: Action / Drama / SciFi
I've watched: 1 episode

Summary: In the future, the world was threatened by apocalyptic virus outbreak, GHQ took control of Japan. One day Ouma ran into a girl who is being chased by GHQ.

First impression score: 89 - Very Interesting

Personal comments: I think this is one of my most anticipated new series from this season. For one, I really do like its art work. But that alone wouldn't be enough to make it a good anime. The story, in my opinion isn't anything very original, but, there's potential.

1 comment:

yoekix said...

My first opinion was: "oh it is this again, student meets girl and gets some power."

Aside from that i found it to be enjoyable.