Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guilty Crown: Exciting, But...

Currently finished: Episode 2

The opening episode is interesting, this second episode is exciting. However, there are some symptoms showed up here in the second episode that concerns me a bit: the lack of originality. Beyond all the excitement in mecha fighting and laser shooting, it felt like a clone of Code Geass to the very tiny details. I think it's gonna be really difficult for most people to overlook that given the high profile status of Code Geass. At this point, I can only hope they'll do something drastic to detach themselves from it.

On a side note, if you haven't noticed, as far as voice goes, Tsugumi

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yoekix said...

i'm a huge code geass fan and i am not able to see the 'many' similarities to be honest. I do not get the same vibe i had with code geass either, for me this is just another show.

If it gets better i can recognize it as something worthy, but now it stands a bit below my average rating.

The Evil Cat said...

how could you not see the resemblance to Code Geass? A society being oppressed by foreign power, some student accidentally gained some supernatural power off a girl, and they even have mecha battles. It literally carved off the major building blocks of Code Geass and gave them a new name to build a new series.

yoekix said...

well, i have a hard time arguing against that.
but that is just pointing out similarities, the same can be done with the differences.
A student who is totally unknown and has no reason to fight, up against a former prince who has his own reasons.

The girl didn't really give him the power, he got it by accident(or was chosen).

a society oppressed (foreign or not remains debatable, but it comes down to the same thing.) is a common used concept.

i'll give in on the mecha part.

but the major difference still lies in the main character who is supposed to be a symbol of the show.(for instance if you say Shinji Ikari, most people would think of neon genesis evangelion and a bout a whiny brat who doesn't like to fight or face his father.)
this main character is for me not of the same status as a symbol compared to lelouch.

My reasoning for this is that lelouch his ways are completly different, for starters he doesn't take the 'hero' position that the protagonist does in this show. lelouch obtains the power and uses that to his advantage in strategies.
That was something that made him unique and different from the other series. In guilty crown however he does take a little diverted hero path.

These 2 protagonists are opposite symbols in my opinion. it is not the same and therefor i do not see guilty crown as a new code geass in a new coat.

But i have to admit that when they called the power of kings, code geass sprung to mind.

nethar said...

whoa, i never thought that i can see another review on the comment section.. nice