Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chihayafuru: Not Selling Short

Currently finished: Episode 3

In a comment danchou posted earlier in response to my initial impression on Chihayafuru, he called me "selling this series short" because I only initial scored it a 79. I did so because for the most part, it reminded me too much of a typical sports anime opening episode without much indication on whether it's going to branch out. But after the two follow-up episodes, I realized it's not really going down the sports anime's route, rather, a side drama route much like Shion no Ou (which by the way is one great anime about shougi) where the main theme is merely the glue to tie the drama together.

So, if it pleases you, danchou, yes, you are right, I was "selling it short" when based on only one episode. The follow up episodes have changed my opinions significantly. As it is right now, I would give it a

Second look score: 87


yoekix said...

there is a meaning to "a first impression" you know.
this is now a second opinion. :p

DamonSalvatore said...

yeah.. that is why it is very important to make the first impression to be the best in order to attract people to watch it.. 0.o