Sunday, September 12, 2010

[Movie] Broken Blade 2

Fortunately, after that highly anticlimactic ending of the the first movie, we didn't have to wait too long before the second movie came out. This second movie, however, seems to have completely shifted its focus to try to make this anime a "typical" mecha anime by adding the emphasis on mecha technology advancement, pursuit of the "better" mecha, and the worst of all, the screaming slow-mo final strike. I really don't understand why people still find these things entertaining when same stuff have been done countless times in every single mecha anime.

Other things that worth to note, is that because the first movie ended in such a highly anticlimactic manner, in order to keep the plot flowing, the climax of this movie actually occurs at the beginning of this movie. And it's especially apparent when the second half of this second movie is almost nothing but still images with conversations. I wonder, why instead of a single hour and a half movie, they decide to make two forty minutes movie?

I have to say, this second movie of Broken Blade is quite a disappointment. But if you're a fan of huge mecha battles, you still might enjoy it. Otherwise, this is mediocre at best.


yoekix said...

I find that there is to much focus on battle then on story....

The Evil Cat said...

and it's especially apparent when they put the action at the beginning of the movie instead of the end.