Saturday, September 25, 2010

[Ended] High School of the Dead: Yeah...

Finally, this boob bouncing panties flashing zombie killing action comes to an end. Apparently, Zombie + high school student + huge boobed girl is one of the most popular anime formula ever created--a couple of posts ago, I made some comments criticizing it, I got more feed back comments disagreeing with me than all comments I received in past month combine.

Honestly, I really don't see why everybody is so hyped up about this anime: it really is just stereotypical apocalyptic plot plus large amount of fan service. By my standard, it's mediocre at best. But again, this would be a wet dream of a 15 years old boy who's looking for nothing more than boobs, panties, and zombie slicing actions.

I guess I should stop writing before I literally shred this anime to pieces. Here is the final score board:

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 80 (Maybe...just a little...)
Comedy: 80 (Not that funny)
Action: 90 (Pretty good action, especially those produces fan service)
Art/Animation: 83 (Fan service, fan service)
Sound/Music: 83 (Nothing special)
Character: 82 (Easier to identify with boob sizes...)
Plot: 74 (Stereotypical)
Ending: 75 (Not)

Re-watch value: Depends (whether you want to see those boobs and panties)

Overall: 74 - This is as high as I'm willing to score it

Recommendation: Just for fun, maybe, but it really doesn't hold any intrinsic value what so ever.


Anonymous said...

I liked the first episode but by the 4th or so it became...well, nothing but fanservice. That one episode where the zombies just mill around doing nothing while the guy shoots guns off the chicks boobs was what finally made me drop it. Judging by the number of people who liked it too, I just don't have much hope for the future of anime... In short, I agree.

yoekix said...

Did i watch it ? Yes.
Did i like it? no.
Am i going to delete this from my hard disk? Definitly.
As i already knew this was going to have a lame ending and they didn't let me down.

Unknown said...

Even though it was a typical apocalyptic themed show with (I agree) Way to much fan service, i found it to be entertaining for the time i watched it.

The ending was no ending, they just left that so wide open they could start anywhere they wanted to for Season 2(if it comes out).