Friday, September 10, 2010

Amagami SS: The Wrong Turn

Currently finished: Episode 10

Is this just me or this anime starts to getting worse and worse in trying to work bizarre sexual fetish into it? Sometime I'm quite confused what they tried portrait the main guy as: earlier on, you can still kind of sense that the story is trying to let audiences sympathize with the unfortunate encounters in this guy's life, lately, however, it seems that the story has solely been focusing on how he's unintentionally trying to take advantage of every girl he met. So...are we supposed to like him or hate him?

Having seen the previous adaption of same company's game, Kimikiss Pure Rouge, I can definitely say when it comes to producing high quality anime from similar genre, J.C.Staff (the producer of Kimikiss) beats AIC (the producer of Amagami SS) hands down. I hope the game maker of Amagami don't hand AIC for producing any of its future project. So far, in my opinion, they have ruined Amagami SS quite badly.

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Kei said...

i don't know if you already know this, but every girl that he goes out with .. is an "if" he was with that girl. He didn't really go out with every single's like different love pursuit story almost every other episode...