Wednesday, July 14, 2010

[New July 2010] Nurarihyon no Mago

Japanese title: ぬらりひょんの孫
Watch online:
Fantasy / Comedy / Drama
I've watched: 1 episode

Summary: Rikou is the grandson of currently leader of all youkai (spirits)
and supposed to be the next leader, except he doesn't really want to be.

First impression score: 80 ~ ...

Personal comments: It seems to me that his anime (or at least this episode) isn't very well directed. For one, the flow of the story isn't fluent at all. On top of that, the conversation and action sequence feels very...disconnected. I'm interested in the concept and the story, but if they don't get better in make a more fluent flow soon, I'd probably end up dropping it.


the_other_brand said...

I wasn't all that impressed when I watched the first episode. I'm already considering dropping

The Evil Cat said...

yeah, it seems like they try to have a "cool" feel to it, but they really didn't achieve anywhere near.