Thursday, April 22, 2010

[New April 2010] Saraiya Goyou

Japanese title: さらい屋五葉
Watch online:
Drama / Slow Action
I've watched: 1 episode

Summary: A ronin who was just fired by his master run into someone looking for a bodyguard. Later he finds out he belongs to a Robinhood type organization who robs the rich and gives to the poor.

First impression score: 78 ~ Still Strange Looking

Personal comments: It's very easy to tell that this is from the author of Ristorante Paradiso who was the receiver of my Most Unique Anime of 2009 award. The both the art and storytelling style are very unique. One very interesting thing about his work is that the flow of the story is usually pretty slow but it doesn't really feel as slow as you think it would. Ristorante Paradiso turned out to be surprisingly interesting, so I have somewhat a high expectation for this one as well. If you can just get used to the strange art style, I think you'll find it somewhat intriguing as well.


Paul said...

Any way I could get a copy of your playlist? :)

The Evil Cat said...

Here is the place I get most my anime songs from:

But if you want to dig around the page source, you should be able to extract the list and the music. That's fair game too :-)

(I'm not trying to be difficult, just don't want to leave message out in public saying that I'm handing them out. RIAA might come knocking on my door. ;-)