Monday, March 1, 2010

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Idiotic/Moronic/Retarded (take whichever one offend you the least), Yet, Brilliant

Neon Genesis Baka to Test

Currently finished: Episode 8

Very much like Lucky Star, this series has been either hit or miss for me on an episode-by-episode basis. So far, there has been a lot more hits than misses. Especially this episode, the parities drawn from many animes as well as games are quite brilliant. Though everything is progressively getting more and more retarded/idiotic/moronic (take whichever one offends you the least), I think this occasional showcase of brilliance still outshines all the shortcomings it possesses.

p.s. If you're confused about the sentences inside the parentheses, read the comments for this post.


Anonymous said...

hate seeing the word retarded. it has no place here as it mocks the most vulnerable among us. What's with that? Why isn't it enough when people with a disability ask us to stop using a word that demeans them.

The Evil Cat said...

Political correctness is not something I value. If I care about people being offended, I'd be writing a diary instead of a blog.

Pinguim said...
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Zul said...

Thanks for all the updates over the last year I've been following you. =D

The Evil Cat said...

you are welcome, merely sharing my thoughts on what I watch :D

Anonymous said...

hmshore, seriously? only someone who isnt retarded would be offended by the word.

anyway, i loved this anime, tobad it got licensed T^T