Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Strange Behaviors

Currently finished: Episode 4

This is definitely one of the most exciting stories of the current season. It's been almost nonstop excitement.

However, there is one thing I would like to comment on: why nobody thought Maria's behavior was a bit strange? Sure she has been a bit spoiled and naive, but lately, her behavior has been vastly differently than what she's like in the very beginning. Why nobody even raised an eyebrow until now? I hope there could be a good explanation later on. Otherwise, this might be something that would taint this otherwise great anime.


Anonymous said...

Best anime for me this season. Spice and Wold II is pretty good too.

And I'm assuming Maria's behavior makes sense because she has seen Beatrice (I think that's the witch's name).

My own concern has been the rate at which they are killing characters. They better have a good way of explaining the mystery because so far it doesn't seem humanly possible. Plus there may not be enough characters to keep it interesting.

The Evil Cat said...

I had the same concern about people dying too quickly until I saw episode 4, where one of them put two and to together(well, kind of). If this is the second night, and they go at most one night per episode from now on, there should be at least enough interesting material to fill up a short season.

Eli said...

Hey, i just one to say i so love your blog and i think it's awesome=D i always check on it for new animes and your comments on it.. pretty awesome, kekeep up your good work man=D you rock SERIOUSLY

Unknown said...

= =" for some reason i hate that girl since the first time i saw her....i also hate that red hair dude, but ah hating the characters doesn't mean it's an bad anime....quite a mystery story

The Evil Cat said...

Thank you. Glad you like my blog.

Maria was a bit annoying to beginning with. I think one of many things has been different about her ever since she met Beatrice is that she has become slightly less annoying :-)