Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[New July 2009] Bakemonogatari

Japanese title: 化物語
Genres: Horror / Mystery
I've watched: 1 episode

Summary: Araragi caught a girl falling, and found out she almost has no weight. He's determined to find out her secret. But at the same time, he too has his own secret.

First impression score: 88 ~ Bizarre

Personal comments: This is definitely the most bizarre anime I've encountered this season so far. It uses weird effects similar to Ef, mixed with creepy and conversation heavy story telling method of Mouryou no Hako, to create a feeling somewhat similar to Mononoke. This is something truely bizarre and interesting.


Unknown said...

i've always wanted to see this since i saw it in the ad in the end of CANAAN....

yoekix said...

I have watched up to 4 episodes of this anime, and i got to say i'm impressed. It is truly a bizzare story but the characters are really good in voice and behaviour. I find the main character a mix of a good spirited but dumb person, what i think to be a good combination for the story.

Unknown said...

(before i watch it:) appeared in the ad of CANAAN, i must go check it out

(....after i watched it)

AWESOME, i love all the characters in it so far, every second was interesting, although i didn't really like the primary school girl's hair band, but the story, art and characters are just AWESOME