Sunday, January 4, 2009

[New January 2009] Akikan! (アキカン!)

Genres: Perverted Comedy
I've watched: 1 episode
Art style: Hard Edge Slightly Simplified

Summary: A can of melon juice turns into a girl when Daichi Kakeru is taking a drink out of it. Now she calls him master and start to live with him. She also get jealous when Daichi drinks other type of soda or juice instead of her...

First impression score: 85 ~ Funny and perverted

Personal comments: Ok, image the plot that is similar to Sekirei combine with perversion that is equal or even worse that Inukami, that is what the first episode of Akikan! feels like. If you've never seen Inukami is, just go catch the first episode off youtube, then you'll understand what kind of level of perversion is this.

**PS** As pointed out by "T", that I titled this "New January 2008" when I posted it initially. I guess 2008 just doesn't want to go away just yet :-) Thanks, T

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