Monday, January 5, 2009

[Backlog] [OVA] Yotsunoha

I finally caught up on all ongoing animes (I think there are about 20 or so on my list), I can start to go through some of the backlogs I've accumulated over the year...

Yotsunoha is a story of four old friends come back to their old school, which is now abandoned, looking for a time capsule they put in ground three years ago. While they're looking the time capsule, they slowly recalled the memories from the past when they used to attend the school together.

It's a slow paced story about friendship and love. Being only two 35 minutes episodes long, I found it quite enjoyable and heartwarming. But if you don't like slow story or if you have a heart cold as ice, you might not enjoy it.

The story is originally a visual novel game. So it may explain why there are many unexplained loose ends such as the character named Yuki that they referenced multiple time in the story but never actually showed up. You might have to play the game to get the full story.

As soon as she starts speaking, I recognized that Yuzuki is voiced by Yuko Goto (後藤邑子). Her most famous role is the voice of Asahina from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. She also played Hikari from Special A but is not nearly as recognizible.

The character Nono has a very heavy accent, though the story indicates it is Osaka accent, somehow it was different than the Osaka accent as I remembered. Hm...

Final Score: 80 ~ Nice little story

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