Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kuragane no Linebarrels: Why Didn't They...

Currently finished: Episode 10

It's a common occurrence in the typical "save the world" or "good vs. evil" animes where a plan goes wrong, but at the last second, some hero manage to pull out some better plan and save the day. The biggest problem with that kind of plot, is the question "why didn't they do that to begin with?" In most cases, the plan someone pulled out in the last second is usually a lot easier to execute and less prone to errors and mistakes. Obviously, they need the plot device and the hero needs to be hero to save the day. But the story writers for this kind of plot really need to work on a more convicining plot so when this kind of thing happens, it doesn't leave the audience thinking "why didn't they do that to begin with?"

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