Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Earl and Fairy (Ended): A Crash Course on Celtic Mythology

Earl and Fairy is a fairy tale (quite literally) that is loosely based off Celtic mythology and folklore. Like many light novel adaptation, the story itself is "light". There is no massively complicated main plot nor any super intense actions. Most of the story is on a "tell as it goes" sort of fashion. That actually creates a quite pleasant viewing experience.

Because it's based off Celtic mythology and I knew nothing about it, throughout the series, I often find myself digging through wikipedia looking something that was just referenced in the episode. Now the series has ended, I too have gained quite some knowledge about Celtic mythology and folklore.

The story closed with a somewhat open ending. That leaves the possibility of have a sequel, which I would definitely be interested in. Too bad it is based off light novel instead of manga, it'll have little or no chance of making into a English translated version.

Final scoreboard (out of 5):

Drama: 4 (Light drama...)
Comedy: 4 (For what it had, it's pretty good)
Action: 4 (Not bad for a light drama)
Art/Animation: 4 (Bit shoujo, but I learned to like it)
Sound/Music: 4 (I liked it very much)
Character: 4.5 (Very unique and interesting characters)
Plot: 4.25 (Light drama...)
Ending: 4 (Typical light novel ending, no closure to anything)

Re-watch value: 3 (You might get something more out of watching it again...)

Overall (not average): 4.25 ~ Light, Interesting, Knowledgeable

Recommendation: I know there are people who just couldn't stand shoujo animes. If you're one of those people, don't bother. Otherwise I would recommend this one as something to watch after you finished the absolute top-notch animes on your list.

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