Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kenko Zenrakei Shuieibu Umisho: Bitter Sweet Comedy?...Not

Currently finished: Episode 5

So far, it seems to be a semi-decent comedy. Something make me a bit uncomfortable (besides the noseless art style) about this anime. I think it's the way comedic situation is created inside the episode. It's definately not something I like, but once a while, it manages to make me almost squirt water out of my nose. So I guess they're doing something right.

I just finished episode 5. During the episode, for a moment, it looked as if they're going to pull a bitter sweet comedy scene. But they managed to sweep it away before the episode ended.

It's been walking on the edge on my throw-away cut-off line ever since episode 1. But it survived till now. Since I don't have a really long list to watch in this new season, it might just survive till the end. Who knows.

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