Saturday, January 17, 2015

[Ended] I can't Understand why my Husband is Saying

I would have liked a Screenshot from ep13, but its mysteriously missing on CR, so meh

Pros: Fresh Older Audience Comedy
-Successfully achieves actual level-headed Mature comedy, without being that stupid brand of  cheap "I'm old enough to do ALL the forbidden things!" mature.
-The short episode lengths actually help underline the shows comedy, instead of feeling like it's cutting off the full impact

Cons: Kind short, not really deep
-While the show does conclude on a really mature note, (which I highly suspect is, in one form or another, responsible for the last episode suddenly being missing on CR), over-all there isn't much development or depth to the show. It is, quite simply, Comedy.

My Opinion: This was hilarious, to me at least. One thing you always have to be aware of, is that everyone has their own sense of humor, and you can't force them to laugh at something when they just don't like the comedy. Personally, I found this always made me laugh every episode, and sometimes was just outright hilarious. One or two jokes went over my head, probably lost in the translation, but all around good funnies. Additionally, the nature and genre of the comedy is completely fresh to me. I don't think I've ever watched an anime that had this level of mature comedy, and not annoyed me. Typically it just feels like a teenager trying to crack sex puns to sound "mature".
Going into this, I was feeling a bit wary of the short-length. The last time a comedy I liked rolled through with a short length, I ultimately lost consistent interest because of the short length, decided to just backlog it and steamroll it all at once, and then forgot about it. Trying to remember the name right now, and can't. (will probably randomly find it on my list one day and burn through it in about a half hour). For this anime, (I refuse to type that absurdly long name, its not even much shorter in Japanese), the length actually helped underline the comedy instead of cutting it off. It really feels like they always pick a good spot to end each skit(s), as if the comedy would start to feel like it was dragging on if it was much longer. Having said that, I do wish there were more episodes. I was loving this week to week.

Impartial Judgement: I think it's going to be standard format for people to say this anime is 'not for everyone'. Whether that's just because of the nature of the comedy, (raises hand), or because of the technical age-rating of the comedy. I recommend this show for some fresh comedy, and an insight on to how mature humor that actually feels like jokes adults would make. Not a lot to say after that.

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