Monday, June 24, 2013

[Ended] Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

I’m rather nervous about writing this... seeing how this is my first post (and review ever) and how english is not my native language I must apologize for any grammar errors you guys find. Well on to my introduction! I’m Mus, short for Mustard (I also go by the alias of Reik on some of Evil’s posts).  Just like Zetro I’ll also try to throw some reviews every once in a while as long as my schedule allows.

Well onto Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru! When I read the synopsis of this show I was struck by this one part “This romantic comedy revolves around an antisocial high school student named Hikigaya Hachiman with a distorted view on life and no friends or girlfriend.” Why? Well it may seem dull but I enjoy lone wolves and an antisocial guy in a love comedy seems weird. After the first episode I was sure that this one would be one hell of a ride, as the show progressed my affection for Hachiman rose so to such levels that (quoting him) I almost entered the Hachiman route. During the show they basically go around solving people’s problems and while doing that their own personal problems/traumas/past show up and the way they deal with those give the show this rather rare sad vibe. I could say Hachiman was the reason this show is so great, he is one of the best main characters I’ve seen lately if not the best…and probably he ranks in my top 5 best main characters ever. From his solo baseball play to his monologues, the balance they managed to achieve between sadness and fake happiness is just great. Well I’ll stop babbling about my secret love  for... What?

The point is that I REALLY enjoyed this show you could say they did everything right, the plot, the right amount of comedy per episode, the soundtrack, everything! But the major selling point would be Hach…I mean the characters and their relationships  and how they develop through the show. Unfortunately I can’t rank it yet as my top one for the season because Suisei no Gargantia has not ended yet and that one also is doing a pretty good job right now.

I might love Hachiman too much. I'm worried guys….

Just some random facts: The studio behind this anime is Brain's Base and it’s the same studio behind Durarara!!, Baccano! and Penguindrum (also known as Mawaru Penguindrum) and the director directed a few episodes of Ano Hana and OreImo and if that is not enough to convince anyone to watch it I have no idea what is.

Drama: 86 (Well placed)
Comedy: 90 (Hachiman's sick view on life was fun enough)
Action: - (If you call a sports festival action it had some)
Art/Animation: 96 (Pretty enough)
Sound/Music: 88 (Nothing exeptional)
Character: 100 (Hachiman)
Plot: 86 (Short arcs with lingering feelings between characters)

Ending: 89 (Happy but i wanted a better close to the Yukinon x Hachiman thing)
Re-watch value: 88 - Might be nice to catch all of Hachiman's monologues

Overall: 90 - Pretty enjoyable and doesn't have alot of noticeable flaws

Well thats it. I'm still unsure what points i should tackle when reviewing something and i was doing my best not to spoil anything (if i did i'm sorry, let me know and i'll fix it)

Also thanks to Evil Cat for letting my post on his blog and let me know how i did and if you want me to keep posting *im really not very confident on my writing skills, also what font / size do you usually use?*
With that said i'm out! See ya!


Zetro said...

Hey! Good to finally see another auxiliary authors post!
Honestly, I was starting to panic that my overlong post scared everyone off.

I loved this anime, but I didn't really have a solid enough grasp on the way to describe it to make a post, whereas with Gargantia, there was a very solid emotional moment and important concept, (not a mech battle anime), that needed to be mentioned.
You did great, no noticeable errors that I could see, although I do believe it's penguiNdrum. At least, that's how I saw it all the while I was watching it.
Really, that was the key of the shows greatness, Hachiman. I suppose my usual method of measuring all characters individually AND against each other backfired here. Hachiman is such a perfectly balanced anti-hero archtype that it's quite possible to forget he's playing the arsehole most of the time.

You also did really well with paragraphs, consolidating thoughts and concepts that went together.
The random facts was also very cool, I very rarely ever notice details like that, despite enjoying knowing studios and actors that are skilled, to track their work.

You shouldn't really worry about the font. I never touched it myself, since bold, underline, and italics, all completely served my implied-emotion and emphasis needs.

Oh wait! one last thing, try to keep more tabs on capitalizing your I's. That's all I could notice.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that you liked it. Yeah im pretty sure it was a mistype on my part there and as for the "i's" word did that on its own and Evilcat told me to stay away from word when writing any review on the website and write directly on blogger. He did tell me a few things about [Ending] posts that i messed up which i'll fix on friday (when i actually see the last episode, i totally forgot we'd have an extra episode seeing how ep 12 was so great) if you want i can foward you his email about the posts thing