Sunday, October 21, 2012

[New][October 2012] Girls und Panzer

Japanese title: ガールズ&パンツァー
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Genres: Comedy / ??
I've watched: 2 episode

Summary: In this world, tank operation is considered a prestige martial art subject (what??) for females. A girl from a tank operator family transferred to a school to avoid becming a tank op. But luck has it, the school is starting up a new tank op program.
First impression score: 83 - Bamboo Blades clone with Tanks instead of Kendo

Personal comments: Ok, the setting feels very much like Infinite Stratos, except instead of giving a half-assed explanation why IS existed in our world, GuP just threw away our existing world view completely and insert a ridiculously new world view, which, in my opinion works way better. While the first episode is just "Blah", I was rolling on the floor laughing throughout the second episode. It reminds me very much of Bamboo Blades in terms of the style of comedy. Come to think of it, it may as well be a clone of Bamboo Blades, but instead of kendo, it's "tank-do" (lol). And because of the way it's setup, it's really not much different than any other animes about rebuilding a school club, except this is a much more ridiculous settings that they can make extra laughing stock out of. Honestly, when I saw the title of this anime, I didn't think this would even last me more than one episode. But now, I think most likely I'll be watching it all the way to the end of this series.

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yoekix said...

I'm used to some random anime (I even liked watching Horizon) but this one didn't really make a good impression at start, maybe it is because i feel nothing is really fleshed out.

The probability that i would drop this is rather large.