Sunday, April 8, 2012

[New April 2012] Ozuma

Japanese title: オズマ
Watch Online:
Genres: Scifi / Post Apocalyps
I've watched: 3 episode

Summary: In the future where the surface of the earth become mostly sand. People are trying to survive in the harsh environment while fighting battles underneath the sand.

First impression score: 84 - Somewhat exciting

Personal comments: I mark it as April season new anime, but this started air way early in March and it is only 6 episodes long. So it soon will be ending. The first thing you'll notice about this series is its unique style, since it's based on manga written by the legendary Leiji Matsumoto (松本零士), the author of Galaxy Express 999. It's a little odd at first, but it'll grow on you. The first two episode felt very much like one of those classic WWII submarine battle movies, except the battle is done in liquid sand, not sea.

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