Saturday, April 7, 2012

[New April 2012] Accel World

Japanese title: アクセル・ワールド
Watch Online:
Genres: Scifi / Action / VR
I've watched: 2 episode

Summary: In the future, when everybody is linked through "Neural Link", there exists a secret program called "Brain Burst" where people who are capable can accelerate 1000 times beyond normal perception of time.

First impression score: 88 - Intriguing

Personal comments: Interestingly enough, this is a series that is based on an environment very similar to the world described by Dennou Coil, where I just mentioned a couple of days ago about google's Project Glass. I always find this kind of story intriguing, so long it doesn't focus too much in the drama that exists purely because of the technicalities of VR environment, like the later .hack series (not .hack//sign or .hack//Quantum though). I'm much interested in seeing what this series has to offer.

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