Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[New January 2012] Black Rock Shooter

Japanese title: ブラック★ロックシューター
Download: available through
Genres: Action / Drama?
I've watched: 3 episode

Summary: A girl is trying to become a friend with this other girl who has this strange relationship with another girl that is preventing her to make friends...(confusing, right? yeah, took me a bit to figure out too...)

First impression score: 85 - Kind of Weird...

Personal comments: The first episode is just as strange as the OVA series which didn't make much sense at all. However, episode 2 cleared it up quite a bit, and start to looking like somewhat complicated version of what happened in Bungaku Shoujo. Stories of this kind always interest me, even though I wasn't fond of the OVA series at all, I think I'm going to see to the end of this.

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