Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Dropped] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!: Not very Impressive

Last Episode Seen: Episode 6

Sometimes it just pains me to drop a series half-way through the season, because I've already invested so much time into it yet I just couldn't find a good enough reason for me to keep watching it.

The reason I'm dropping isn't really because what it has, for the most part, is because what it doesn't have. What it's lacking is something keeps progress through the plot so people would stay interested: ever since episode 3, the series has been turning circles at the same place without any real progress in the plot is being made. Since it's already half way through, unless something very significant happens or the pace become extremely fast in the second half of the series, I don't see it getting anywhere by the end of the season. So I'm going to just cut my loss and call it good now.

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Zetro200 said...

Ironically enough in the next episode that development happens: He gets indicted from his apartment, but it literally is the last thing in the episode, a cliffhanger "make sure you watch the next episode to see what happens" thing. I had real hopes for this series, I'd thought it would be at least original, at best interesting to see serious content. Instead it just feels like most of the light-weight fan-service anime.