Monday, October 4, 2010

[Ended] Occult Academy: Paradox

It's hard to rant about this without spoiling anything. So I'm going to just touch it slightly. For the most part, the beginning of the final episode creates a paradox that nobody seems to bother to address. On top of that, the final fight...let me just say it didn't make much of sense. As a whole, however, the end result is the creation of yet another but a bit more interesting paradox.

In short, this series is a wild goose chase ended in unexplainable paradoxes. But is it interesting? You bet!

Sometime there really isn't a good way to get around certain paradox that a good story concept would inevitably cause--not everything could be perfect, sometimes you just need to learn to appreciate as it is.

Final scoreboard:

Drama: 90 (Drama centric)
Comedy: 83 (Humor in unexpected places)
Action: 90 (Lots of actions)
Art/Animation: 88 (Realistic style)
Sound/Music: 82 (Good, but not much impression)
Character: 86 (Interesting)
Plot: 83 (some fillers, and paradox, but mostly good)
Ending: 88 (Unexplainable paradox, but you should be able to look over that)

Re-watch value: 50 (Loses re-watch value without the surprise factor)

Overall: 87 - Pretty good for what it is

Recommendation: Aside from a couple of paradoxes, the series is quite enjoyable. It's definitely among the top ten of the year.

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yoekix said...

Watching the final episode made a big WTF in my mind. Not that it is the worst ending ever but it doesn't win any prize either. aside for the bit sloppy and rather predictable ending i would say over that i liked the story, most of the time i was like "yay" when a new episode was available.