Tuesday, January 19, 2010

[Movie] Summer Wars

From the directory of Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl who Leapt Through Time), comes another heart pounding story.

OZ is a virtual online world system where many business, games, even cell phone system hooks into. It's essentially the new Internet and more.

Kenji Koiso is a high school student good at nothing but math. One day, he's asked by his senpai Natsuki to do some short term part-time work. Little does he know there's a big surprise waiting for him.

This is a very interesting blend of real life family drama and Dennou Coil like computer virtual world drama. The concept may sound a little far-fetched. But come to think of it, it's really only a slight exaggeration of today's world. This may be closer to the reality than we think.

The story starts of a little slow, but it gets more and more intense as the it develops. Just bear with it for the first 10 minutes, you'll find this movie is plenty interesting.

Anger, sorrow, joy, pity, shame, regret, guilt, different elements from this story covers almost the entire emotion spectrum. On top of that, it is super rich in characters. One of the most interesting aspect of this story is how that many stereo typical personalities interact with each other in times of troubles, whether with each other or against each other. Although it eventually become one of those everybody come together to save the world feel good story, still, this is one really nice piece of work.

And yes, I did realize how similar its plot is to the movie War Game, but this is not War Game, it merely happens to have a similar concept.

Score: 93

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marcos said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Great movie.