Friday, November 27, 2009

Kampfer: Where is this heading?

Currently finished: Episode 8

Ok, aside from unnecessary fan service, random events that doesn't seem to help develop plot nor characters, there's really nothing going for this anime. The story itself, just keeps going around circles without making any real progress. By now it's already 2/3 way through the series, it has yet to show any real sign of where this thing is heading. I seriously doubt we can get anything meaningful out of this story.

Yet, according to my little poll, it still has a pretty strong hold no the 5th spot among all October new animes. I wonder what do people voted it for top 5 of the season see in this anime. It lacks a real plot to be a serious story, yet it doesn't feel like a plain comedy show because there are way too many other crap in it. Would one of you guys who voted this anime to be in the top 5 tell me why you like this anime?


the_other_brand said...

Well I remember the first two episodes of the series were pretty good, so I believe that people voted for it then.

From the third episode onward it just seemed to be pointless, and I stopped watching.

Anonymous said...

Its a parody and in top 3 of my pick. I don't need yet another story about "whack the bad guy".

The Evil Cat said...

A parody of...another bad fan service heavy anime? Seriously, how could this be your top 3 pick of the season. There are much better animes from this season than this one.

Anonymous said...

Girls +
Girlfriends +
Gender Bend
Did I mention that kimi no todoka and sasameki koto are my top 2?
Whats wrong with peoples preferences on this blog? Asura Crying 2? thats my pick of worst show of this season.

The Evil Cat said...

You know, if I were still a 13 year old boy, I'd probably be very amused by Kampfer. But even then, I wouldn't be amused for long.

Judging from what you said, I would guess that you also liked Ikkitousen, Koihime Musou, and Sekirei, am I right?

Obviously we look for different things in anime: you watch them for laughs and giggles, I on the other hand actually care more about the story itself.

p.s. Exactly how much Asura Cryin have you seen before you decide it's the worst show of this season?

Anonymous said...

I personally like to go clubbing to meet real women. But it happens, a bit too often i think, that I am too lazy or too tired to go. When that happens 2d girls are an ok substitute.
I haven't seen Sekirei or the latest season of Koihime Musou.
If a series can't deliver on the first episode I don't watch it. I don't care if the series becomes "awesome" after episode 20. Thats why I don't watch "Asura Cryin".


The Evil Cat said...

If you judge everything in life by its first episode, then you're missing out on lots of stuff. But that's just my personal view, I don't mean to force it on you. So are rest of this comment :-)

For many stories, the scale is just way too big to fit a clear picture in sight for only one episode. Stories that could do that are usually flat and predictable, which I would lose interest quite rapidly.

The problem I see in Kampfer is the fact so far I don't see any depth or development in any characters. It's just the same ol' routine every episode and the plot is just running around in circles.

Sure they do provide some entertainment value, once you've seen enough of this genre, you'd notice that they're really more or less the same. That's why nowadays I tend to look more on the story and character development side of the anime rather than just laughs and giggles.

As for Asura Cryin', without knowledge of season one, you won't have a clue what's going on in Asura Cryin' 2. It's not that it become awesome after 20 episodes, it's the fact you'd be completely lost if you didn't know what happened in the first series. I didn't just suddenly find it interesting at 20 some episodes, I thought it was quite an interesting anime since the beginning of the first season.