Sunday, November 8, 2009

Asura Cryin 2: Heart Pounding

Currently finished: Episode 6

I know this is the third post about this series in two weeks, but I really couldn't say enough about how good this story has gotten. While many people still get hung up on some of the cheesy superficial elements of this anime, you ought to realize deep under, it possesses a very finely crafted plot.

To be honest, I wasn't impressed at all throughout the first season until the very final moment of the last episode. Even that was mostly due the my admiration for a well designed tragic plot. But this second season changed everything. Even though the first two episodes was still somewhat pointless and retarded, ever since episode three, they've been dropping one piece of the puzzle at a time to make you realize the real plot is much bigger than you have imaged. In fact, as for now, it's already convincing enough for me to put this series (1+2 as a whole) down as a strong contender of the Anime of the Year award.

Now, I just hope somebody would either translate the novel or the manga so that even the anime doesn't complete the story, there's a way to find out what really lies beneath all these.

Just in case I haven't gotten my point across to you yet: if you still haven't seen this anime, go download/watch it online NOW! The easiest way to get access to this series in its entirety so far is through

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