Saturday, August 22, 2009

Needless: Subtle Fan Service...Not

Currently finished: Episode 6

Just as I was about to praise how they managed to put in good amount of fan service while still being subtle about it, there comes episode 6. It's like that all the fan service that has been suppressed by the awkward subtleness just suddenly exploded. There are fan service everywhere you turn, and they are as blatant as it could get without becoming a full blown hentai. I guess I should have seen that coming with the ending credit scenes...

Put that aside, I have to say Needless has turned out to be a much better anime than I originally thought, not necessarily because of the story has gotten any better, mostly, due to the comedies. If you don't treat it as an intelligent anime, rather, treat it as a brainless action/comedy, I think you'd be satisfied with it.

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