Sunday, February 22, 2009

White Album: The Case of Mr Nice Guy

Currently finished: Episode 6

So far this story is like a complicated version of To Heart. While the circumstance and environment are different, the concept is the same: The main guy (in this case, not a douche) is being a "Mr Nice Guy" who tries to help out everybody (especially the girls) around him. The problem, as it was demonstrated in To Heart, is that fact he is not omnipotent and something is just out of his reach. The result, usually is he end up hurting someone that he cares about most.

Unlike many other type of drama, this kind of story doesn't usually have a primary villain who works against the goal of the main character, because the main guy himself is his worst enemy. The end, usually is about how he would come to the realization of this very fact and makes the the ultimate choice on who he really cares about the most.

While this kind of story is very predictable, it still fits somewhat into my interest of seeing the struggle and suffering people in the story have to go through. The only shortcoming would be the fact that it usually ends well for all parties involved where I would much prefer to see stories where it ends badly.

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