Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Tower of Druaga The Sword of Uruk: WTF? Seriously, WTF?

Currently finished: Episode 7

In the earlier episodes, it seemed like the we're finally going to deal away with all those nonsenses and start to build a real story. But no, only after two episodes of what I call "normal" content, the story took a sharp turn and start to jump all over the places in the world of nonsense again. Just what the hell was the storywriter/director thinking when they made this? At this point, I seriously doubt that by the end of the series, they'll have enough "real" content to fill up a single short season. This is ridiculous. Keep putting out craps like this, no wonder Gonzo had a 3.7 billion Yen deficit last year.

New score: 65 (Previous: 78) ~ Utterly Crap

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