Monday, November 24, 2008

Random Thoughts: Princes Of Tennis ~ Final

I have to say, this is one anime series I am a little ashamed to admit that I'm actively watching. It's not bad as far as anime concern. What is bad is the extreme exaggeration of the tennis play in this anime. As a 3.5~4.0 tennis player myself, I could not bear to watch some of the scenes because they are just pure ridicule. Yet, I managed to finish not only the 178 episode TV series, but also the two OVA series of 18 episodes total (not including this Final OVA).

So you wonder, if I think it's so ridiculous, how could I have managed to watch it. Well, if you have followed my blog long enough, you'd know that I rate animes fairly heavily on the character depth and variety. And Prince of Tennis series are good at both. It is so good that it makes me even forget all about how terrible they have portrayed tennis as a sport.

All and all, Prince of Tennis is still a sports anime. And to me, all sports animes are mediocre at best. Prince of Tennis is probably as good of a sports anime as I'll ever seen.

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