Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ef ~ A Tale of Melodies: Simply Cruel

Currently finished: Episode 8

I just commented how evil the plot had become two episodes ago. Now it is really beyond just evil. It has reached a level of cruelty that it is impossible for normal people not get depressed over.

BUT, I am NOT normal.

In fact, I am the opposite to normal. That, means I'm love every bit of it. This is the type of plot that gets me excited about. You just don't normal see the tragedies with this kind of cruelty. I you like tragedies as much as I do, you'd love it too.

The only concern have I have right now is that the story may end too well. It seems so far it's been following the typical drama happiness curve, which I suspect it'll eventually end up on the happy side. The ending of previous series, also supports my suspicion. That may be the only disappointment I'll get from this series.

New rating (out of 5): 4.75 (net gain: +0.25) ~ Cruel

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