Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gunslinger Girl ~ Il Teatrino: Epic Fail

Currently finished: Episode 5

Last time, I only tagged this anime "inferior" than the original series. After watching episode 5, it's clearly a complete failure.

It tries to be dramatic, yet it feels like a drama written by a elementry school student; it tries to be emotional, yet it couldn't get me emotionally involved even I'm trying to; it tries to make the characters cuter, but all it did is to make me feel uncomfortable seeing the difference between the new and old character art work; it tries to create cool action scenes, but the action sequence are worse then those in most B-movies I've seen.

Right now the only reason I'm allowing it to occupy my 25-minutes per week is out of respect of the first series. I just have to see to the end of this one. Fortunately, it supposed to be a 15-episode series. I don't have to suffer two full season of it.

New rating (out of 5): 2.2 (net gain: -1.0) ~ Fail, Fail, Fail...

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