Friday, February 8, 2008

Gunslinger Girl ~ Il Teatrino: Clearly Inferior

Currently finished: Episode 3

Inferior is the word I would use to describe this follow-up Gunslinger Girl series. It is nowhere near the level the first series had achieved.

Though the art work in the first series isn't the particular type I like, in my opinion, it is still better than this one. The plot is flat. It completely lost the dark theme of the first series, which in my opinion, is what so great about this series. It seems to be trying really hard to get audiences emotionally involved, but so far failed miserably. The action scenes, in my opinion, are just plain cheesy.

Maybe the first series set a too high of a standard. This new follow-up so far is only bringing shame to the title.

New rating (out of 5): 3.2 (net gain: -0.3) - Inferior

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