Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clearing Backlogs: Air Movie

Air never failed bring tears into my eyes, despite that I've already seen it multiple times. Apparently, it also applies to Air Movie. I don't recall when I got it or why I didn't watch it immediately. I found it when I was clearing up my backlog during Christmas/new year break.

Because they have to compress so much into a hour and a half air time, only the main story is kept. Rest of the side plots are cut. I found this format actually makes the main story much clearer. The way they blended the old legend with current ongoing event actually makes more sense.

Looking at the release date of Air Movie, it was released in theater around the time when episode 4~5 of the tv series are airing. Normall, it would seem to be a bit odd to release an alternate re-telling of the same story while the tv series haven't finished airing. After watching the movie, I kind of see the reasons behind it: the construction of the main plot of the tv series is a bit confusing and bit diluted by the other side plots. The movie does just enough to clear up the main plot yet without rendering the tv series useless.
Even though the plot is short and compact, when it comes down to the last moments, I still couldn't stop my tear from running out of my eyes.
Air is one of my all time favorite tragedies. It's light heartedness throughout the series highly contrasted the emotional tragic ending. Air by itself is a little confusing, and Air Movie makes it complete.

Recommendation: If you have seen and liked Air, you should not miss out on Air Movie because it makes Air complete. Fortunately, it has been released in US and netflix carries it, you can just go rent it:

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