Monday, November 26, 2007

Baccano: Second Run-Through May Be Necessary

Finally, all puzzle pieces fall into its place, the story is complete. The presentation of Baccano is a bit confusing throughout the series due to its interleaving plot line. But unlike Touka Gettan, which just simply lay the episodes in reverse order, Baccano's plot's timeline is very well planned. Small puzzle pieces of Baccano come together forms a bigger puzzle piece, then the bigger puzzle pieces forms the complete story.

While the story is pretty complete and clear after the last episode, I think a second run-through of the series is necessary, for me at least. Mostly because I want to catch some of the side plots that aren't very close to the main plot, yet have somewhat significant contribution to the main plot.

Now lets see the score card for Baccano:

Drama: 5 (One of the best story I've seen lately)
Comedy: 5 (Comedy in an epic, very hard to pull off, yet it did successfully)
Action: 5 (No censor what so ever)
Art/Animation: 5
Sound/Music: 5
Character: 5 (So many of them...)
Plot: 5 (Snatch like story telling, very well thought out)
Re-watch value: 5 (You probably want to watch it at least twice to catch all the details)

Overall (not average): 5 - Perfect

Recommendation: You do not want to miss this one.

Richard's Pick: Best Anime of 2007

[Edit 12/16/07] I'm very sorry to do this, but Denno Coil pushes Baccano! out of the Best of the year award.

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