Tuesday, July 14, 2020

[New][July 2020] Shows that I've Started, and am Considering as of July

Skipping right to it:

Shows on the List to Start:

The God of High School: I've been reading the comic for...a very long time now. So, suffice to say, I'm your most biased opinion. Long story short: Shounen Battle Genre, but with one of the deepest running intrigue plotlines I've ever seen. It's literally insane, they're still as of last week, pulling more threads out from characters past to weave the narrative deeper. Mind you, the plot may go for broke in depth, but the story and characters are charmingly simple, and I am absolutely invested in seeing some of the fights animated, if for no other reason than the idle dream I might more fully comprehend just what the hell is going on sometimes. Right, so,

with a heavy spoonful of Biased Opinion salt.

Re:Zero Season 2: Ready to watch a japanese boy suffer and die repeatedly in another world over and over, again and again just to advance the plot one step forward at a time. You should know the story by now, and if you don't, you need to watch the first season, this is probably a direct sequel, I fail to see how shenanigans in time can be achieved.

Fire Force Season 2: This show got the most unexpected amount of hype out of me in its first season, and I'm still not entirely sure why. On paper, it still reads like a basic shounen battle show, but there's just something so reasonable and mature about it regardless. I absolutely adore this show.
Also, in case it wasn't apparent yet, unless stated otherwise, assume that if I recommended a first season and have decided to watch a second, the recommendation carries over if the show maintained or achieved it by the end of the previous season.

SAO Alicization: I really dig stories about AI, so I'm willing to ignore some Kirito plot-god'n for a conclusion to the story we've been given thus far, and were left hanging with.


Right...*squints at list* I think that's everything I haven't started yet...I really should find some way to make wordpad use white letters on a black background, discord and everywhere else has spoiled me with dark themes. My night shifter eyes hiss at the bright whites now. Blogger isn't helping either. Anywho, back on point:

Shows I've started:

Monster Girl Doctor
: Honestly, I debated whether I should wait till I could see the second episode to post this one, because I damn near dropped it in the bin right in the opening 2 minutes. There's a lot to be said about the First Impression you give your audience. Yes, it's not everything, but it sure as shit sets the tone for what your viewers can expect. Ultimately this show is the reason I decided to include Reviewers in the previous post, so I could give the proper context. I can't, in all good honesty, watch and adore that show for its comedy, and then just wordlessly drop this show in 2 minutes. No, I gotta harp on this shit like it owes me money.

The entire rest of the episode maintains a very professional air about its conduct, minus the token romantic fucking angst, because god forbid we could have romantic interests without teenage-grade fucking angst and jealousy...Where was I?
Oh right. It maintains a reasonably professional air, almost like it's apologizing for its opening act. This is precisely what pisses me off. You know one thing I won't bash the show "Prodigies in Another World" for? It's opening act. Was it glaringly off-putting? Yeah. But it was also painfully honest. It tells you everything you need to know about what to expect from that show, right in episode 1. Know another show that doesn't apologize for what it is? Ishuzoku Reviewers. If you're going to try and sweep it under the rug after you do something, don't bloody well do it to begin with.

The way it should have been done, is with a more reasonably level headed introduction to the world. THEN introduce the doctor doing a breast cancer check, after you have established that he's very dedicated to being professional. Nevermind the female staff member in the same building with him that is probably more than qualified to perform said exam. At least establish some kind of reason he had to do it himself. Hell, by the end of the first episode they already have, they're casting him as some kind of Dr. House-grade diagnostic savant. If they had cracked more lewd jokes, or just shuffled the order around a bit, I wouldn't have cared, but this storyboarding just feels incredibly slapdash to me. Maybe I'm just over reacting, but it sticks out like a bull in a china shop after our next show:

The Misfit of Demon King Academy: This is how you do it. By the end of the second episode, the main character is already two girls deep into a harem, and I am 100% okay with this. Which is a god damn first I'll have you know. Know why? Because he's not a fucking air head. He damn well knows what he's doing, and that he's good at it. He knows for a fact that they're interested in him at least partially romantically, and the best part? They damn well know it between each other as well, because they damn well asked each other about it like civilized functioning members of a society. They didn't even lose their shit over it! (mind you, they had literally just got done losing their shit over something, but in-world-context justifies that because HaHa, caste-system politics, etc).
Suffice to say, I am HYPED for Demon Lord Saitama *cough* uh...I mean...*squints at script* Anos Voldigord. Voldigoad? I dunno, something like that. This show gets a full


No strings attached. It's gonna be a wild ride, I'm sure.

and that's it for now folks!
I'm also looking forward to Railgun starting back up this friday, if all things go according to previously provided plans, but I don't really think a return from hiatus counts for a post here, so no comment beyond this. Hell, as it is, it's part of such a long running series that if you weren't on board already, I can't imagine an argument that would make you start now.

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The Evil Cat said...

Haven't been here forever, randomly popping in for a quick visit. Glad you're still at it.

Being as busy I currently am, I hardly have any time to watch any anime. Though I did watch Fire Force and SOA Alicization, which happened to be on your list--reason I decide to pop in and drop a note :D

Fire Force, I actually randomly caught it one night a while ago when I left my TV on cartoon network and it happened to be the premiere of Fire Force. I didn't think too much of it at first, because like you said, it feels very much like just another shounen show. But what got me interested is the overarching mystery they're attempt to solve--what exactly is the nature of spontaneous human combustion. It feeds just enough each episode to keep the plot development going and keeping audience interested, which I think contributed to its ever alluring attraction. The way it's built in my opinion is very similar to Assassination Classroom where you know there is a pre-defined goal and the story shows us how they get there. If they keep the goal insight and not deviate from it, I think it could be as successful as Assassination Classroom.

SOA Alicization, I actually never missed a single episode of SOA, despite being so busy :D, that's how much I like the show. I have to say it has a much much slower in development for the first half of the first season than any of its predecessor. It only recently start to speed up and going through a power-up phase. With I think 12 more episodes or so left to go, it seems to be setting up for the final showdown, possibly with one more final twist before reaching the grand finale. I think this is definitely going to be a wild ride, as SOA had not yet disappointed in the past.