Wednesday, October 12, 2016

[Ended] Taboo Tattoo - Flat.

Why?! Why did you leave us BB? You were the only proper badass at all times...

-That first fight between Seigi and Izzy is great.
-Flashy graphics

Cons: A lot.
-For as interesting as the powers themselves are, the characters never use them in very interesting ways. Izzy is the only one that gets any mileage out of hers, and that's just sad in a show with as many powers as this one.
-Plot holes, and poorly explained ... everything.
-That ending.

My Opinion: Easily a:

Hands down. It's not mediocre, but it comes close. There was a lot of potential for originality in the beginning. Again, that fight between the two main characters was great. Unfortunately, that's about the only memorable thing worth seeing in this show, in my opinion. Cheap comedy, cheaper romances, and poor character motivations. Well, except maybe Blood's, but when you have as broad a goal as 'save the world', that's kind of boring too. The character himself made up for it by generally being 100% badass as long as he was on screen...which unfortunately wasn't very long.

Actually, that's another thing. Characters come and go so goddamn fast in this show. Did they honestly expect us to get attached to any of them? I shit you not, in one episode they introduce like, 4 or 5 new characters that all look interesting and important, but we never see any more than one of them again, for the rest of the show.

By the way. If you've seen the first episode, let me go ahead and let you know that whatever you were expecting,
a Giant Robot Battle
[Spoiler end]
is how the show ends. Yeah. No bullshit, that's actually how they decided to end it. Whether 'they' is the original author(assuming there is one), or the animation studio, it matters not. Someone was an idiot that had the power to make stupid decisions when the smart people ran out of ideas.

Impartial Opinion: Skip it. Even though it wasn't worth calling mediocre, it still doesn't have anything interesting enough to warrant attention, even if you have nothing better to do. There are better terrible 'nothing-better-to-do' bad shows. That's saying something, and I'm saying it. So there.
*cough*Right. Impartial.
I recommend you google/youtube the Izzy-vs-Seigi fight, and then otherwise skip this one.
Unless you really want to see that train wreck of an ending. Even out of context it's hilariously stupid. G'head, I highly doubt it will spoil anything at all, given how out of place it is. With a show this bland, you should have already known good triumphs over evil. Just at an 'edgy price', based on the authors tastes, which in this case, are bad. Whether that's the animation studios taste, or the whatever-it-may-be source material authors remains to be seen. I really just don't care.

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