Tuesday, January 12, 2016

[Ended] Asterisk War

Pros: Flashy Action
-A little bit of intrigue
-Decent characters
-An Interesting World

Cons: Not Enough of Anything
-What little intrigue there is isn't actually carried anywhere, especially not any of the main characters
-None of the characters end up being fleshed out without feeling a little bit rushed.
-We learn barely anything about the world except in the very beginning, and very end

My Opinion: This Show has not ended. It just barely finished one characters story arc, and said character wasn't even introduced until the last half of the show, if even that soon. None of the main characters have had any real resolution, excluding maybe Katana Girl, who was made into a central cast character at the end of her story. If this show doesn't get a second season, it's going to be entirely unremarkable. Maybe some points for moderately flashy action. They were trying to have 'The All Powerful Hero' and still have him be easy to relate to at the same time, but it honestly feels like all they got was half of each. The time limit he has never really came into effect, it only just barely kicks in at the end of some of the fights. It feels like the show was moving to have it actually become a problem, but then the series ends. So all we get is this All Powerful Hero, who we always know will win, and there's no suspense.

Impartial Opinion: If a second season comes along for this show, it might be quite impressive...on the other hand, they seemed to be hinting at just outright removing the limiter on the main character at the end, so that could easily unbalance the show completely, if they don't shift the focus more onto other characters.
The actual world seems quite interesting, but we barely get enough of it in this season, heck we don't get anything at all about the major calamity that made this world the way it is, unless you read summaries from websites.
All in all, I feel like while I did enjoy the show while it was airing, having it cut off so abruptly left a bad taste behind. I'll look forward to a second season, but without it, this show just feels half-done.

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