Wednesday, December 3, 2014

When Supernatural Battles became Commonplace, Not even remotely shallow now

Last Seen: episode 8

Talk about high speed U-turns. When this last episode opened in, I was having to rev my brain up a few gears to try and catch up. The first thought I had was that I missed an episode...or two, but thanks to how thickly I ward against this with a 'current episode' list, I was able to dismiss it. Having done so, just a little while after when Litia is introduced, the pieces fell in place.

This show just got Big points in my book. They've done something I like to refer to as 'In Medias Res Weaving'. To explain what I mean when I say that: When a show weaves subtle foreshadowing elements into itself without drawing attention to them, and then later calls upon them all at once for the story. Basically, it is something you can only do with a story if it has been well thought out and planned.
It's one of my favorite things to experience from a show, because it opens up the potential for the show to do it again. Not a guarantee mind you, but the potential of itself is enjoyable for me, because it gives me an excuse to pay closer attention, and try to see it coming next time.

In summary, without spoilers, this show is now officially Great in my book. No particular part of it stands out enough yet for awards, but it most certainly is not just a comedy show. Comedy is going to be a strong part of it going forward, certainly, but I'm now starting to doubt that it is the core of the show anymore. A bit too early for a verdict on that though, need more plot.

As much as I would like it to be otherwise, I'm afraid there is going to be a distinct absence of opinions from me on most of the anime I'm watching this season. So many of them are adaptations of Mangas I'm already reading, or second seasons, or long running anime, that there just isn't anything worthwhile to say. The only exception would be Parasyte the Maxim, but ... well. That would just be me vomiting fan-juice all over the blog and I won't stoop to that. It would literally be, 'Hey that was awesome wasn't it!? And that was awesome too right! and that other thing is awesome! Awesome-awesome! Woo hoo!' or some such nonsense. In short, the show's got action and drama in spades, and whoever planned up it's show-to-show cliffhangers needs to be hugged, and strangled, in the same breath.
When I have a more constructive thought to convey, I will, but as it stands, I'm having a hard time mustering enough enthusiasm to keep up with the rest of them. Not because they're bad, but because...well. I already know them. Literally all they can do is impress me with flashy moving pictures, or disappoint me by doing something stupid with a story I like.

So a short summary in absence of meaningful posts:
Shows I'm looking forward to, week-to-week:
-Parasyte the Maxim
-When Supernatural Battles become Commonplace
-Madan no Ou to Vanadis
-I can't Understand what my Husband is Saying
Shows I'm watching and plan to finish, but frequently miss
-Akatsuki no Yona
-Akame ga Kill
Long running anime
-Fairy Tail
-Log Horizon 2
-Sword Art Online 2

Such concludes the short summary. As always, said list of things I'm watching is absurdly long and cluttered with ancient things, some of which are probably at least 2 years old, and many of which I know are at least 4-5 years old. I really should trim the fat and just decide not to watch some of them, but eh. I still wanna know how things end. It's a thing for me.
[Aside end]

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