Friday, May 9, 2014

Black Bullet: Did they just...end an arc?

Never in my life, has so small and simple a number been so evil
Last Seen: Episode 4

Dare...dare I hope...that this is a new trend in the anime industry? A trend of not dragging out juicy story tricks until they rot? There was soo much potential in just this episode, for dragging things out for several episodes. So many pieces of story they could have hung out to dry with long monologues and flashy 10 minute battles. No. Instead, we're four episodes into this show, and it's already finished a complete story arc. Not to mention, dropping some major foreshadowing bombs on us for the upcoming arc(s). AND THAT ENDING.

urrrrggghhh AAAHHHHHH
I already had far too much emotional burnout from Chaika to stand up to something like that. I may not have cried, just because I'm not the type, but I haven't had my chest wrench like it did for that ... that numerical abomination, since my 17 year old cat died.

I do have enough of my objectivity left to comment this though:
Before any of you start cheering for 'Just tame/control the Gastrea mutation! Best of both worlds!'
-I want you to try a little experiment. I want you to place your hand on a surface in front of you, palm up.
-Then, I want you to look at the most calloused part of your hand. Perhaps you should consider the bottom of your feet instead if you don't have them on your palms. The next step remains the same.
-Now, I want you to look at it, feel it, and command it to do something it has done before: Shed dead skin.
It's done it a hundred times, exponentially, for dead cells since you've been alive. It'll do it billions more times as your life goes on. It's nothing new.
Go on. WILL it to just do it now. Right in front of you. Blistering is a similar activity, and it happens just as fast, for more anatomical resources. This is much simpler and easier. Make your own body do what you want on a cellular level. Go on.

What's wrong? Having troubles? But it's so simple and easy.

Get my point yet?
If you can't even do that, how do you expect someone else to just instantly control thousands of screaming-painful, dieing, regenerating, mutating cells to just chill out, be cool, do what they want. You're conscious control isn't that finely wired to your body. Stop thinking it's such a simple solution. It's not.
Having said all that, it's still a story end I frequently root for. I'm all for the adaptation and integration methodology for dealing with new challenges in life.

Also, I'm racist against Racists. I think the abominable little ignorance singularities could all drop dead right this instant, and the world wouldn't so much as blink at their passing after about 3 days. If they want to single out so singularly foolish an element of the human experience to discriminate about and hate for, they can't be that smart, or responsible decision makers.


Have I mentioned Chaika messed with my anger locks? Chaika messed with my anger locks.
I'm not going to watch the rest of the episodes I lined up for myself after this. I already thought it was a bad idea to watch so personally polarizing of a show to right a post for.
I'm...I'm going to bed. I should have done that before writing this.
I'm going to go to sleep, and wake up a better person, not so eager to commission the death of my fellow kin of humanity.

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