Thursday, March 6, 2014

Tokyo Ravens: The Comback Gem

Ok, now that I'm done foaming at the mouth:

Last Seen: Episode 21

This is one of the shows lately that I've only occasionally been watching. While I've memorized the days other shows that are out are released, and watch them on the spot, Tokyo Ravens was quietly building up over on the back burner.

As it turns out, it just finished boiling over, and now I'm here trying to clean up the mess. Tokyo Ravens started out... unusual to say the least. The use of spontaneous 3D animation, the basically last second explosion of action in the first episode, and then the rather jarring jolt into somewhat-standard high-school life, all of it built up into a very unusual impression of the show. Something that equaled me not being as enthusiastic about it as something that self-presents clearer. Take for example, Log Horizon. One could quickly levy the accusation that Log Horizon was just bandwagoning on the void left by Sword Art Online's departure, but it quickly presents as having a very different core theme.

Tokyo Ravens on the other hand, up until this last 4-5 episode binge I had, is all over the map. Only now can I render a full verdict:

I hereby grant unto Tokyo Ravens my personal 'Comeback Surprise Gem' award.
I literally just made that up so I could give it to this show.
The show takes its time weaving things together. If you read my original first impression post, you'll remember I commented on them creating, and flooding the viewer, with a lot of details. Most of that was just me presuming (wrongly) that they expected you to actually follow the Onmyo spell stuff. (Pro tip: they don't, and you shouldn't even try. Just let them explain it to you at their own pace).
The stories real strong point, is not its fantasy or magic, it's the characters. Don't let the high school drama fool you, it is authentic high school drama, but they're going to kick it up a notch on ya. Stick it out.
The humanity moments in the last two episodes have just

It has been a LONG time since a show cliffhung me so hard I wanted to break my arms and fall just to end the insufferable wait that is less-than-a-week. It has also been a while since I screamed at my screen, mostly because it's such an insufferable waste of energy and effort.
[End Aside]

Long story short,

Now if you'll excuse me, it's 1:46am at the time of writing where I am, I'm tired, and I let this show get to me a little too hard.
Come to think of it, that may very well be why it got to me so hard.
Whatever. G'night folks.

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