Saturday, July 20, 2013

[New][July 2013] High School DxD New

Japanese title: ハイスクールD×D NEW
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Genres: Fantasy / Action / Ecchi
I've watched: 1 episode

Summary: The second season of the boobilious High School DxD
First impression score: 80 - Typical, very typical

Personal comments: Though the original High School DxD is no masterpiece, in my opinion, it's actually pretty good for an anime that is filled with ecchi content. Unlike Sekirei, it didn't have much of an elaborated story per se, nor does it have the deep to the root bizarreness in concept like Qwaser. But it was executed well enough that you actually care for the characters. I think what has it going for HSDxD is the fact it's not trying to hide what itself really is. The main character constantly getting into lewd perverted fantasies which matches the surrounding environment he's in. Unlike some others, such as High School of the Dead, where they try to hide what they really are because no character would acknowledge what kind of perverted situation they were in nor what lewd act they have just performed, yet still constantly show you the most perverted camera angle they can get. That kind of self-denial really infuriates me because they just assume us audiences are just ignorant fools.

So by being completely open about the underlying tone of the story, the focus of the story is way better because the main plot doesn't get too distracted and people could actually enjoy both aspect at the same time. But many near ecchi that had a good first season suffered significant second season setback because for some reason they all inadvertently think they need to out-"ecchi" their first season. Unfortunately, I'm seeing some signs of such trending here in the first episode. Let's just hope it'll make an return and go back to the same level of the first season.

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