Monday, May 27, 2013

[Dropped] Red Data Girl: I've Tried, But...

Status: Dropped
Last Episode Watched: Episode 7

This series started of pretty slow. When it finally seems to start picking up some speed by episode 3, it's only to be lost completely about 3 episodes later. I literally couldn't stop yawning while watching episode 7. So in the middle of the episode, I decided, enough is enough, I'm watching to enjoy, not to bore myself to death.

Did I think the series has potential since the beginning? Honestly, no. The protagonist were just a bit too far in on the shy side where instead of sympathy, I feel anger towards her. Maybe some people out there has the patience for it, maybe some people actually find it interesting, but I'm not one of them. So off the list it goes.


Zetro said...

This actually comes really conveniently for me. I hadn't yet started to watch this, despite having put it down to start it.
What was this one about anyway? I can't even remember the summary of it, and with like 8-10 other animes I've found on my list that I haven't even started yet it really helps to be able to scratch one off like this.

The Evil Cat said...

It's about a girl who has the power to be possessed by deity. And she's like the last girl posesses this ability, this they call it Red Data Girl, as UN published a "Red Data Book" lists endangered species.